GM-1 or Canine Gangliosidosis (Storage Disease) is a fatal liver condition which has been found in the PWD. To our knowledge there has not been a confirmed case of this disease in the UK. Inheritance of this disease is similar to PRA, in that it is a recessive condition which occurs when two carriers of the condition are mated together. However, unlike with PRA a dog can only be either clear of the disease or a carrier of the disease, as any dog who is affected will die during early puppyhood.
The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America have worked with NYU to develop a genetic test for this disease. Previously the test was performed on a sample of blood, but during 2006 it was announced that it is now possible to use the DNA extracted from cheek cells collected by mouth swab. For more information on this condition and the testing programme visit
Rysalka Zarzuela - Normal
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Juvenile Dilated CardioMyopathy (JDCM) is an  inherited disease of the heart and results in the sudden unexplained death of puppies between 2 weeks and 7 months of age.  The mode of inheritance is known to be "simple recessive" so both parents need to be carriers of JDCM to produce affected puppies. As long as one of the parents is clear puppies will not be affected but may be carriers.  If both parents are clear then all puppies will be clear of the disease also.
Marker Testing is now available to us via Blood sample or Cheek swab at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  Test request form can be downloaded from the PWDCA website. 
Test results are published as :  1-1 Probable Normal   and   1-2 Probable Carrier
 Ch Cartmel Sea Goblet                                                  1-1 Probable Normal
Gemson Esperanto  Test ID number 5932                   1-1 Probable Normal
Gemson Rabelias     Test ID number 6018                   1-1 Probable Normal