Health Registry
       The Portuguese Water Dog Club of GB Web Site will collate and publish health statistics for the breed in the UK. Anyone wishing to have their dog's stats published should submit them to the Web Master (see link on home page) for inclusion in this registry.

Screening for Hip Dysplasia is done by the BVA/KC scheme whereby a dogs hips are X rayed and the plates are evaluated by a team of appointed specialists to determine anatomical and pathological changes indicative of hip dysplasia. The scores shown are one for each hip and then the combined total. The range is from 0 to 106 (0 being the best score and 106 being the worst).
Glenwhin Cabrocha 6:6 = 12; Glenwhin Evolina 7:6 = 13; Glenwhin Gabriella at Gemson 3:9 = 12; Glenwhin Humberto 7:7=14
Gemsons Poseidon 4:4 = 8; Gemsons Demelza 5:4 = 9; Gemsons Alexis at Glenwhin 6:4 = 10; Gemsons Cienfuego 2:2 = 4
Gemsons Coppelia 5:4 = 9; Gemsons Florentina 7:6 = 13 ; Gemsons Dulcinea 4:7 = 11; Gemsons Esperanto 10:6 = 16  
Ir Ch Gemsons Delisimo 4:4 = 8 ; Gemsons Democritese 3:15 = 18
Rysalka Zarzuela 8:8=16
Yelsek Mary Celeste at Gemson 4:7 = 11

 Aust. Ch. Reel Life American Dream at Gemson has been evaluated by the American system and is reported as Prelim OFA Excellent.
The Optigen
prcd-PRA test is a DNA-based test that provides, for the first time, a means to eliminate prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) from the Portuguese Water Dog. On 1st June 2005 Optigen announced that they had identified the gene responsible for the Progressive Rod Cone Degenerative (prcd) form of PRA common to the PWD and are now able to offer a gene mutation test for prcd-PRA rather than the 'marker' test previously offered. Optigen testing separates dogs into three groups according to their genetic status; Normal/Clear (formerly patterns A and A1), Carrier (formerly patterns B and B1) and Affected (formerly patterns C and C1). Dogs tested Normal/Clear, Pattern A and A1 will never develop prcd-PRA. Dogs tested Carrier, Pattern B and B1 are non-affected but are probably a carrier of prcd-PRA and dogs tested Carrier, Pattern C and C1 are probably affected. All dogs can be bred safely as long as one parent is Pattern A.
Dogs tested prior to June 2005 were categorised as Pattern A or A1, B or B1, C or C1. Optigen advise that they are satisfied that the older test results are still valid and correct and that there is no need to retest dogs previously tested.
Sw Ch Agutelin Duque of Rysalka - Carrier
Bentarsna Agnes Brown at Rysalka
- Normal/Clear
Bregantia An All That Jazz -
Carrier; Bregantia Black Legend - Pattern A1; Bregantia Funky Diva - Carrier; Bregantia Strut Your Stuff - Pattern B1
Aust Grand Ch Gemsons Bacchylides - Pattern B; Gemson Coppelia - Pattern B; Ir Ch Gemsons Delissimo - Pattern B
Gemsons Diorella at Grandways - Pattern B; Gemsons Esperanto - Pattern A; Gemson Florentina among Auldhelm - Pattern A
Glenwhin Gabriela at Gemson - Pattern C
Grandways Fire Water at Gemson - Pattern B; Grandways River Dancer at Gemson - Pattern B
Aust Ch Konkkaronkan Finnish Dream at Gemson - Pattern A
Rarjo The Prodigy - Pattern B1; Rarjo Who's That Girl - Normal/Clear
Aust Ch Reel Life American Dream at Gemson - Pattern A
Rysalka Zephyr - Pattern A1; Rysalka Zarzuela - Normal/Clear; Rysalka Aphrodite - Normal/Clear
Yelsek Mary Celeste at Gemson
- Pattern A

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